Jorge Molder

Obras da Coleção de Serralves

Mezanino da Biblioteca
05 ABR - 24 OUT 2021
2104 Jorge Molder: Obras da Coleção de Serralves

Shown at the mezzanine of the Serralves Library, this exhibition brings together works by Jorge Molder (Lisbon, 1947) selected from a more extensive set in the Serralves Collection. 

The photographs presented belong to the series ‘T.V.’ (1995), ‘La Reine vous salue’ (2001), ‘Tangram’ (2004/08), ‘Call for Papers’ (2013) and ‘Zizi’ (2013). Molder is mostly known for his black and white photographs, in which the artist photographs himself (only the face, the full body or the hands) invariably wearing a dark suit and white shirt, but this idea is countered in his two most recent series.

References from literature, film, music or art history, as well as from the everyday and life’s uncertain and unpredictable nature are crucial in his oeuvre as anchor points for drifting and constructing something. In this sense, and because the exhibition is featured in the Library, it is complemented with bibliographic references that are significant to the artist, including some of his books and exhibition catalogues, which are available for public consultation.


Exhibition Guide

Jorge Molder

Untitled (from the ‘Tangram’ series), 2004/8

Ink-jet digital print. Ed. 1/3

154 x 102 cm

Coll. Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto. Acquisition 2010

Photograph: Filipe Braga

2104 Jorge Molder: Obras da Coleção de Serralves

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