The Museum as Performance

9th edition

04 - 05 NOV | 10am - 9pm

In its ninth edition, The Museum as Performance returns as time and space where artistic manifestations can take place without being framed by categories, navigating between different disciplines – from visual arts to dance and music, including theater and performance – maintaining therefore resistance to classifications.

Responding to the context of the Serralves Museum, including its architecture, several artists were challenged to create new works, or adapt old pieces, which, although part of the history of performance, will be presented for the first time in Portugal. 

An invitation to reflect on the place of the so-called living arts in museum programming, The Museum as Performance is also an essential contribution to thinking about the relationship between artists and the world around them, and on old (but still pertinent) and current issues, such as the link between art and activism, or the new definitions of the human that do away with the old distances and hierarchies between “us” and “others” (animals, nature).

Curators: Cristina Grande, Pedro Rocha e and Ricardo Nicolau desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile