André Romão: Calor

17 NOV 2023 - 02 JUN 2024
André Romão Calor

Auguste De La Verdine (French, 1780-1804) Cyparissus mourning his stag.

For Romão, one of the most relevant artists of the generation born during the 1980s, this is his first solo show at Serralves Museum. The exhibition, which includes a series of new works exclusively conceived for its galleries 6 to 9, continues to explore themes and ideas that are key to the artist’s research practice, such as hybridisation and metamorphosis, fluidity and horizontality between what is considered human or animal, natural and artificial. Romão whisks us away to a nocturnal landscape, both dreamlike and melancholic, a place of shadows and unsettling presences, where human, animal and vegetable forms blur and interact, questioning and pushing at the limits of contemporary society’s tendency to classify and hierarchise species according to normative or discriminatory criteria and practices.

The exhibition has been curated by Inês Grosso, chief curator of Serralves Museum

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