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Comer o coração [Eating your heart out]Performance by Vera Mantero. Iron sculpture and drawing by Rui Chafes.

18 SEP | 17H00

Chapter 2.

Materials used: collaboration; body; gesture; word; voice; improvisation

Artistic collaboration and transdisciplinary approaches are hallmarks of Vera Mantero’s oeuvre and trajectory. The artist endorses an artistic sharing that is experimental, resonant and open to a disciplinary dialogue ‘specialized in the whole’, while refusing to see her dance ‘as a given’ and assuming a continuous, in-depth research as imperatives for the invention of her work.

Comer o coração [Eating your heart out] brings together Vera Mantero’s choreography and performance and Rui Chafes’ iron sculpture, a collaboration that led to the creation of a singular artwork specially created for the Portuguese representation to the 26th São Paulo Biennial, curated by Alexandre Melo in 2004.

Inscribed in the spatiality of the Serralves Park central parterre, Rui Chafes’ sculpture Comer o Coração challenges us, with its paradoxical unyieldingness and suspension, to carry out an exercise of landscape contemplation accentuated by the uncanny improvisation of the drawn, vulnerable and pulsating body of choreographer and performer Vera Mantero.
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