Foto-montagem de duas vistas da app "+ Parque" de serralves que dá ênfase a um mapa interativo.

Serralves Park, a fundamental part of Porto's ecological structure, provides the necessary conditions for the coexistence of a wide variety of fauna and flora. + Parque is the ideal companion for visiting the Park. It explains the diversity of the phenomena of the natural world, which often go unnoticed or even remain invisible.

The bridge between these phenomena and the existing ecosystem services highlights the living processes that underly the smooth functioning of the complex ecosystem of Serralves Park, its landscape richness and biological diversity.

Explore Serralves Park and discover localised phenomena that are not always easily identifiable. Visit the Park’s 12 points of interest and prepare to be amazed by the videos and content about biodiversity and the relationships between the living creatures.

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5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque
5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque
5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque


5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque
5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque
5.9. _OK Parque - App +Parque
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