Visiting the Park



Pessoas a circular num caminho do parque, ladeado por árvores altas, arbustos e relva.

Serralves Park occupies a total area of 18 hectares and is composed of a wide diversity of magnificent, harmoniously interconnected spaces: formal gardens, woodlands and a traditional farmhouse. Designed by the architect, Jacques Gréber, in the 1930s, it is a unique example of landscape heritage in Portugal.

A visit to the Park, whether via participation in a programmed activity or a free walk through any of its circuits, with different routes and durations, is a privileged opportunity to come into contact with nature, and appreciate the diversity of the Park’s arboreal and shrub heritage. The gardens and Park also provide a museographic setting. In a visit to the Park it is possible to see sculptures that belong to the Serralves Foundation’s Collection, that are on permanent display.

Check here to see the different types of Visits and Activities in which you can participate, in order to discover Serralves Park and its heritage.

Sponsor of the Park

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